Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services :

Business establishments in UAE are diversifying and expanding exponentially. Internal audit in a company plays an important role in assuring the shareholders that the business process and prospects are designed appropriately and working finely. Internal audit is one of the most crucial functions in a business. Of course, it’s true that there are no corporate or income tax laws prevalent in the country but, every business needs to conduct an internal audit regularly. Hire Al Tamayuz- the top internal audit service provider – to identify and mitigate risk, timely evaluation of organisation’s internal control and avoid fraud and misappropriation threats. We evaluate the operational effectiveness of internal control and identify any gaps and provide necessary recommendations to the management. This improves the financial reliability of the entire business operation.

The businesses are becoming very dynamic and subject to various technological, financial, legal, operational and compliance risks. Our proficient internal auditors identify the key risk areas and recommend ways to mitigate them. We evaluate the risk management processes and check if they’re functioning accurately. Internal audit also plays a vital role in safeguarding company’s assets. We also assist your finance and accounts department for periodic and flawless management reporting. This helps management to take timely decisions. Our internal audit team also provides value addition in the prevalent system.